Around Ealing February 2018 | Page 23

CYCLE SAFETY Too close for comfort The Metropolitan Police is continuing to run a cycling safety operation to highlight the dangers faced by cyclists as a result of motorists driving too closely to them, reports Philip Brent. O peration ‘Close Pass’ has been taking place in the borough since last summer and involves plain clothes police officers out on patrol on bicycles to spot dangerous driving. The officers on bikes will target random locations at any time to identify drivers who do not allow enough tor y at the full s d a e R room when overtaking / wsextra.c cyclists, or follow too ealingne ass /close-p issued with a Traffic closely behind, or carry features Offence Report. out unsafe turning by Councillor Bassam overtaking and then turning Mahfouz, cabinet left or right across a cyclist’s member for transport, path. The recommended safe environment and leisure, said: “As a clearance is one-and-a-half metres. cyclist myself, I know how important If the officers spot an offence they it is to feel safe when on the roads report it to uniformed officers on and I hope it will be reassuring for all motorbikes. These will then find the driver and give them the opportunity to cyclists and road users that police are have an on-the-spot awareness session. actively looking for drivers who drive dangerously and recklessly. The council If they turn this down, they will be is to undertake a cycle safety review of the borough and is pushing for more operations like this across the borough to tackle dangerous driving.” The council wants to help more residents to take up cycling because it is great exercise and reduces pollution and congestion. For information about the support available, including free lessons and free Dr Bike cycle maintenance sessions, visit around ealing    February 2018 23