Around Ealing February 2018 | Page 11

WASTE IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY It is your legal responsibility to make sure your household waste is disposed of in the correct way – either by yourself or by a licensed and reputable company. If it ends up being fly-tipped by a rogue company, you could face court action and a large fine or prison. Illegally dumped waste is more easily traced back to your property than you might think. To report fly-tipping visit or call 020 8825 8825. For more information, visit and search for ‘fly-tipping’. RUNNING YOUR OWN EVENT? For businesses, residents or community groups who have organised their own clear-up, let us know by registering your event on Bubble – a website dedicated to helping people organise an activity, project or volu nteer. Visit to find out more. just the council’s responsibility to keep the streets, parks and open spaces clean and tidy. And chucking litter or fly-tipping is like throwing away council tax payers’ money; and it is anti-social too – creating dangers and eyesores. Coming together to help keep our borough clean is a good way to set an example and display the pride that the majority of us take in where we live.” For more information or to take part in the Great British Spring Clean visit around ealing    February 2018 11