Around Ealing Coronavirus Special - Page 7

CORONAVIRUS Rubbish and recycling Rubbish and recycling collections are continuing as normal at present. However, the borough’s reuse and recycling centres in Greenford and Acton are closed until further notice. Residents are being advised to safely store waste or recycling that they would usually take to the reuse and recycling centre (such as DIY waste) at their property until restrictions on non-essential travel are lifted and the sites are able to reopen. Councillor Mik Sabiers, the council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “Because most of us are now staying at home, it seems likely that this will create more household waste and put pressure on our recycling and waste services. Please check the council website for updates to the service and try to minimise the amount of rubbish, recycling and food waste you produce.” Be wary of scams It is an unfortunate truth that fraudsters are taking advantage of the current emergency situation and are preying on unsuspecting residents. This includes attempting to access private accounts, offering coronavirus testing kits, and bogus emails. Please help protect elderly and vulnerable people from fraudsters by reminding them not to give out any financial or personal details. If you are concerned about the welfare of an elderly or vulnerable person you can contact the council on 020 8825 7170. This line is staffed during office hours only. Read more at Domestic abuse If you are self-isolating and feeling ill, please put any potentially infected items like used tissues or cleaning cloths into separate plastic bags and double-bag them. These bags should then be put aside for at least 72 hours (three days) before you put them out into your external bin. Parking during crisis NHS and social care workers, and all key workers, are able to park for free in council-owned car parks and on-street parking bays during the coronavirus emergency. To do this, they can register for a ‘virtual permit’ giving them special dispensation for parking by emailing [email protected] and titling their email KEY WORKER APPLICATION. They need to provide evidence of their key worker status and vehicle details, so they can be ‘whitelisted’ either for the entire borough or for a specific controlled parking area near their place of work. There is a list of council car parks on the council’s website at To protect parking for key workers and keep London’s roads moving, a reduced level of parking enforcement will continue but with a common sense approach. Residents are asked to treat enforcement officers with respect. Ealing Council is continuing to offer full support, help and advice to any residents suffering domestic abuse. With government instructions to stay at home it is clearly going to be a very difficult time for those facing abuse from people in the same household, whether physical or psychological. Councillor Joanna Camadoo-Rothwell, cabinet member for community safety and inclusion, said: “This is understandably a worrying time for those trapped inside with their abuser. I would like to make clear that there continues to be a solution, with help still on hand.” If you are afraid of someone with whom you have had, or are having, a close personal relationship, whether they live with you or not, you are entitled to support and information to help you make choices about your safety. GET HELP OR ADVICE Visit and click on ‘Domestic Abuse’ for full information on help groups, partner organisations and support lines. If you consider yourself in immediate danger please call 999. Homelessness warning Ealing Council welcomed the government’s commitment in March to suspend evictions from homes, but it has warned that additional measures must be swiftly implemented to tackle housing insecurity during the coronavirus emergency. Read more at around ealing   Coronavirus 7