ARMY Magazine Issue 14 July 2021 | Page 2

� ta -8"}{1 11 JJ } ARMY ! Welcome to Issue 14 of ARMY Magazine .

BTS ' 8th FESTA has just finished . Now , it is almost time for ARMY to celebrate the anniversary of receiving their name from Bangtan themselves , and we found ourselves thinking about the exceptional nature of our fandom .

As much of the world stopped , we were in awe at the inspiring ways ARMY kept their spirits up . Our support for BTS became even stronger . We set new records , saw BTS ' first-ever solo Grammy stage , donated to charities , and shared our love for the boys with the worl , d . During this time , the fandom also grew , more people connected with the encouraging message from BTS , and new ARMY learned what it means to love themselves . These moments and accomplishments made us proud to be a part of such a stellar community .

For these reasons , we wanted to shine the spotlight on ARMY by showing the way we see them , as exceptional , loving , and giving people who came together because of their love for seven talented men from South Korea .

As for ARMY Magazine , inspired by BTS ' openness to continued growth , our team embarked on a well-thought-out rebranding project with great content and striking designs . While going through the pages of Issue 14 , reading the articles and enjoying fan art , we hope you lo , ve the new feel of our magazine as much as we do and you appreciate revisiting some of your favorite memories of the past three months !

� "' rirY 9- we purple you !

Kaitlyn & Lee