Army Europe K-12 PCS INBOUND Handbook PCS Handbook ARMY OUTBOUND SY17-18 | Page 2

This handbook is designed to support military connected families as they PCS to their new duty station in Europe. There is a handy checklist at the end for you to print out and use as you move forward in your new adventure. Whether mid-school year or over summer break, leaving a school and smoothly integrating into a new one requires planning and a positive attitude. It is hoped that the information in this handbook assists and encourages you as our country’s “youngest heroes” make their move in support of the mission. As with any PCS move of a school age child, your School Liaison Officer is available with information, referrals, and assistance in planning for a smooth as possible school transition. Find your Europe SLO at PAGE CONTENT 3 10 Tips for a Positive Change of School 4 DoDEA Schools 5 DoDEA School Registration 6 & 7 11 Tips for PCSing with a HS Student / Driving in Europe 8 Youth Sponsorship / Help for the moving blues 9 Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children 10 PCSing the student athlete 11 DoDEA High School Sports & MWR CYS Services Youth Sports Program 12 DoDEA Kindergarten Primer for Parents—10 fast facts 13 Homeschooling in Europe 14 Exceptional Family Member Program 15 10 Tips for PCSing with a special needs child 16 Help your child say goodbye to a school 17 PCS Mid year / Non DoD Schools Program (NDSP) 18 Learn about your new home in Europe / Wondering what to do when school is out? 19 Student Meal Program 20 Student PCS Checklist—Europe INBOUND 21 Cool Online Tools to have in Europe PAGE 2