Armenian Progressive Youth NGO Info-Pack "Santa Barbara" | Page 6

Travel Information: It is possible to reach Yerevan through 4 airports: Yerevan International Airport (Armenia), Gyumri Airport (Armenia), Tbilisi International Airport (Georgia) and Kutaisi Airport (Georgia). If you arrive to Yerevan International Airport: The participants landing in Yerevan will be picked up by the organizers. If you arrive to Tbilisi International Airport: We will arrange a bus for you from the Tbilisi airport to Yerevan. The price of the bus is 15 EUR one way. If you arrive to Kutaisi Airport: You have to take bus to Tbilisi (cost 20 GEL) and join the bus that will bring you to Yerevan. If you arrive to Gyumri Airport: The transfer from Gyumri to Yerevan will be organized by the organizers. Arrival and Departure Information 19thof September is an Arrival Day. Make sure you arrive to hotel between 12:00 to 18:00. We will have a welcome dinner altogether at 19:00. The official program starts on 20thof September. 26th of September is a Departure Day. The check-out should be performed after the breakfast. NOTE! You can arrive to Yerevan or Tbilisi couple of days earlier or stay couple of days longer to see around or to travel a bit. However, this should be done at your own expenses. The Hosting organization can help you to find a hostel for extra days, but you should bear those extra costs.