Armenian Progressive Youth NGO Info-Pack "Santa Barbara" | Page 11

Intercultural Night During a special evening we will share characteristics from our culture. We ask you to bring foods and drinks to share! You can also think of some other things to share with the group from your culture: stories, dances / songs etc. In case you play an instrument, it might be very nice to bring it. Just no power point presentation or country promotion videos, as it would be the best if you can share something in your own words! By the way, to present something from your culture does not mean it has to be something from your country: it can also be from a region, a city etc. To make the Intercultural evening more connected to the topic of the Training Course, we would like to ask you to pay special attention to the food & drinks & snacks that you are going to take with you – make sure that you have some typical things that your family uses and also something very typical that from your city. Homework and Daily Program Two weeks before the Training Course we will send you a small homework to complete in your Country group. The Daily program will be also sent together with the homework. YOUTHPASS Certificates All participants will receive a Youth Pass certificate in the end of the Training Course. Upon their request participants will get also Annex to Youth Pass with 8 Key Competences. Facebook Group Please join the Facebook group of the project and let’s start getting to know each other. Here is the link: