Armenian Progressive Youth NGO Conflict vs. Connection - Page 7

purchased in a local currency other than EUR , will then be converted and calculated according to the exchange rate of the month given by the European Commission .
NOTE ! Please check travel budget limits above . If travel costs exceed the amount budgeted in the project . The organizers will only be able to reimburse participants the maximum travel costs indicated in the travel budget . You are therefore strongly advised to book trip travel well in advance and look for the cheapest option .
Reimbursement : All the participants will receive the travel reimbursement on spot , in cash , during the last 2 days of the Training Course .
IMPORTANT ! In order to receive the travel reimbursement , every participant should attach the following documents to the reimbursement form :
‣ Tickets ( there must be price and name of the person stated on it ).
‣ Boarding passes ( in case of loss – please get a confirmation from the airlines , that the flight was taken )
‣ Invoices – yes , even if you have a ticket , our accounting still needs an INVOICE .
‣ Online Check-in should be made before your leave Yerevan to make sure you give as Boarding Passes from the way back as well .
Participation fee ! There is a participation fee of 30 EUR .

10 . Insurance

Please keep in mind that you are self-responsible for sufficient insurance ( illness / personal liability / cancellation / theft etc .). Hosting organization takes no responsibility for the insurance . Make sure you have a travel insurance valid in Armenia from 10 to 17 of April .

11 . Accommodation

The participants will be accommodated in Hotel Capital in Yerevan city centre . Here is the web-site of the hotel : http :// capitalhotel . am /
The Capital Hotel is a friendly and comfortable hotel located in Aygedzor area of Yerevan - one of the most beautiful areas in the city centre with a beautiful sight to ravine from balconies . It is located on 10 minutes walking distance from the city centre and 5 minutes from the Metro Station and Lover ’ s Park .