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Travel Inspired Movies to Stream For over a century, movies have proven to be the ideal escape. Romance, action, thrillers, fantasy, classics — not only do we get caught up in the characters and the stories, but we also get drawn into the settings. With that in mind, here are 14 movies you can stream that truly showcase some of the world’s most inspiring locales. EAT, PRAY, LOVE (2010) LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003) MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (2011) LION (2016) In this charming film based on the life of writer Elizabeth Gilbert, Julia Roberts not only discovers herself, but also the spirit and beauty of four remarkable locales: New York City, Italy, India and Bali. Streaming and rental options. Sophia Coppola’s awardwinning comedy-drama is a mesmerizing look at culture shock told through the eyes of two Americans in Tokyo — one world-weary actor and a young woman on the cusp of life. Streaming and rental options. The City of Light plays a major role — both the modern and the 1920s versions — in this time-traveling comedyromance starring Owen Wilson and written and directed by Woody Allen. Streaming and rental options. Dev Patel gives a phenomenal performance in this powerful drama that follows an orphaned boy raised in Australia returning home to India to find his family. Streaming and rental options. THE BEACH (2000) The gorgeous scenery of Thailand is on full display in this tense thriller about Leo DiCaprio finding a strange map that leads him to a mysterious beach. Streaming and rental options. BEFORE SUNRISE TRILOGY (1995, 2004, 2013) Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy explore the stages of relationships across three movies, all shot in realtime as the couple wanders through Vienna, Paris and southern Greece. Before Sunrise Before Sunset THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES (2004) This epic coming-of-age story depicts a young Che Guevara — played by the talented Gael García Bernal — traveling across South America in 1952, soaking in the lush landscapes of Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela and Peru. Streaming and rental options. LA LA LAND (2016) This masterful story of an actress and a musician falling for each other is a cinematic love letter to classic Los Angeles. Streaming and rental options. Before Midnight 16 ARMCHAIR EXPLORER 17