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Acknowledgments Not In Our Town would like to thank the Arlington (Texas) Police Department for allowing our film team to document their operations, training, and community engagement programs for this film. We are grateful to Chief Will Johnson, the command staff, and the officers who spoke to our film team. We are also grateful to Lieutenant Christopher Cook and Sergeant VaNessa Harrison of the department’s Media Office for coordinating logistics between the department and our film crew. Additional support was provided by the office’s community relations team, Steven Bartolotta and Cheryel Carpenter. This film would not have been possible without the cooperation and participation of Arlington residents, students, and leaders who shared their views about policing in their city and their stories of joint activities to create respectful and productive community-police relations. To the families and their supporters of lost loved ones depicted in this program, we know that the film neither reflects your profound sense of loss nor represents your story. We hope that in some way this film and the discussions that follow can help avoid future tragedy. In memory of ◾ ◾ Christian Taylor, ◾ ◾ Sergeant Michael Smith, ◾ ◾ Carl Wilson, ◾ ◾ Officer Brent Thompson,  ◾ ◾ Senior Corporal Lorne Ahrens, ◾ ◾ Officer Patricio “Patrick” Zamarripa, Arlington teen Arlington teen Dallas Police Department Dallas Police Department DART Police Department  Dallas Police Department  ◾ ◾ Officer Michael Krol, Dallas Police Department Thanks to the Arlington Independent School District, Martin High School, Sam Houston High School, Workman Junior High School, and all those involved in the Mentoring Arlington Youth Program and the Coach 5-0 youth program. Also, special thanks to Lieutenant Tarrick McGuire. The film Arlington, TX: A Community Policing Story was produced by NIOT Executive Producer Patrice O’Neill and Producer Helene Biandudi Hofer. We would like to thank Editor David Cohen, Director of Photography Kevin O’Brien, Producer Charene Zalis, Assistant Editor and Associate Producer Jeremy Jue, and Photographer Jackson Hill for outstanding contributions to this production. Many thanks to Libby McInerny, director of Community Partnerships, and Paul DiLella, director of Law Enforcement Relations. Writer Sonia Tsuroka gave her insightful attention to Arlington’s story and the complexities of community-police relations for this film guide. Many thanks to the staff and leaders of the US Department of Justice’s COPS Office for supporting the production and distribution of this film. v