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Waking in Oak Creek This short film reveals the powerful and inspiring community response to intolerance after deadly hate crime shootings at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. In the year following the attack, the mayor, police department, and community members are awakened and transformed by the Sikh Spirit of Chardi Kala, or relentless optimism. Online resources Building Relationships with the Muslim Community This hour-long webinar features three law enforcement professionals from around the country who discuss their agency’s outreach efforts to the Muslim community, local elected officials, and diverse community members to de-escalate tensions and to foster safety and inclusion. Publications Coffee with a Cop This article, centered around National Coffee with a Cop Day, highlights efforts around the country to break down barriers and build trust between law enforcement officers and the community members they serve. Both parties, amidst rising tensions at a national level, get to know each other—over coffee—and discover mutual goals for the communities they live in and serve. The Collaboration Toolkit for Law Enforcement: Effective Strategies to Partner with the Community Community leaders, researchers, and police officials know the police cannot substantially impact crime by themselves. Community involvement and collaboration is an integral part of any long-term, problem-solving strategy. At the most basic level, the community provides law enforcement agencies with invaluable information on both the problems that concern them and the nature of those problems. This toolkit helps law enforcement initiate partnerships within their communities to collaborate on solving crime problems at the neighborhood level. 22 Arlington, TX: A Community Policing Story