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Plan the program If working with a co-facilitator, review this guide, and discuss roles and responsibilities, including how to support each other and how to manage time. Facilitators and sponsors should discuss who might perform other key roles such as additional speakers, hosts, greeters, or note takers. Know what’s next With the event sponsors, plan the follow-up to any action ideas generated from the discus- sion, including the time and location of a next meeting, who will transcribe a summary of the discussion, and who will distribute that summary to the group following the screening. Set ground rules For all discussions, state ground rules to ensure respectful conversations. Posting these ground rules around the room can be helpful. Develop and adapt the rules for every unique context, depending on age, region, and other relevant factors; however, the following common ground rules can serve as a starting point: ◾ ◾ Listen actively. Respect others when they are talking. ◾ ◾ Speak from your own experience instead of generalizing. (For example, say I instead of they, we, and you.) ◾ ◾ Do not be afraid to respectfully challenge one another by asking questions, but refrain from personal attacks. Focus on ideas. ◾ ◾ Participate to the fullest extent of your ability. Community growth depends on the inclusion of every individual voice. ◾ ◾ Instead of invalidating somebody else’s story with your own spin on her or his experience, share your own story and experience. ◾ ◾ The goal is not to agree but to gain a deeper understanding. ◾ ◾ Be conscious of body language and nonverbal responses. These can be as disrespectful as words. 14 Arlington, TX: A Community Policing Story