Arizona Telemedicine May 2014 - Page 18

The T-Health Institute was established by the University of Arizona, in 2003, as a Phoenix division of the Tucson-headquartered Arizona Telemedicine Program. Located on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus in downtown Phoenix, T-Health’s mission is to offer telemedicine and telehealth training programs and to create “next-generation” innovations in education and health-care delivery, especially those that leverage advances in medical informatics, wireless telecommunications, telemedicine/telehealth, simulation, and robotics. Ronald S. Weinstein, MD, is the founding director of the Arizona Telemedicine Program and executive director of its T-Health Institute. The T-Health Institute’s international awardwinning T-Health Amphitheater was designed by Dr. Weinstein and former executive director of Biomedical Communications Richard McNeely. It serves as a University of Arizona College of Medicine “e-Classroom of the Future.” Experimental education programs, including an innovative medical science curriculum for K-12 students and Interprofessional Education and Practice (IPEP) exercises, are tested in the T-Health Amphitheater. Staff at the T-Health Institute also are engaged in translational research on the development of a next generation of clinical decision support systems. The focus of interest is the acute management of traumatic brain injury and sudden cardiac death. This is in support of the Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center – Phoenix. heater T-Health Amphit lemedicine Prog the Arizona Te te – a Division of T-Health Institu 14 ram