Arizona Telemedicine May 2014 - Page 14

CANCER SUPPORT GROUPS TELE-EDUCATION: Providing Health and Wellness Information to Cancer Survivors and Health Care Professionals Survival is just one goal for cancer patients. These monthly multi-site video gatherings offer patients information in Spanish and English to help them live healthier, more fulfilling lives. K athie McHugh is a breast cancer survivor, grateful and proud to be seven years out from the day she was diagnosed. She also likes to describe herself as “a very thirsty information seeker,” who feels her health and well-being have been greatly enhanced by monthly meetings of an educational program called ¡Vida!. ¡Vida! – the name comes from the Spanish word for life – began with grant support from the Susan G. Komen Foundation in 2008. “¡Vida! grew out of our work with breast cancer survivors who told us that they wanted information to help them not just survive, but to be healthy and live well,” says Ana Maria Lopez, MD, MPH, who is ¡Vida! director, medical director of the Arizona Telemedicine Program, and a University of Arizona Cancer Center oncologist who specializes in breast cancer. “As patients, they need and want to be well prepared to take charge of their health.” 10 Left to Right: ¡Vida! volunteer Isela Macias, volunteer Kathie McHugh, ¡Vida! program coordinator Bettina Hofacre, volun Y\