Arizona Telemedicine May 2014 - Page 10

COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER: For the Border City of Nogales, Arizona, Telemedicine Is a ‘Win-Win’ M ariposa Community Health Center got its start in 1980 as a small clinic in Nogales, Arizona. It has grown over the years to be the largest provider of medical, dental and community-based health promotion and disease prevention services on the ArizonaMexico border. And in 1997, the clinic expanded its reach by becoming the first clinical site to link to the Arizona Telemedicine Program. Welden, left, alth Center CEO Jim iposa Community He Mar Eladio Pereira, MD and Medical Director For some Nogales families, driving to Tucson to see a doctor is easy. For others, it’s impossible. Telemedicine has enhanced health care for both. 6 The decision was not a no-brainer. For many Nogales families, going to see a doctor in Tucson, 60 miles away, was a fun family outing, with lunch and shopping on the side. But for many others, the transportation logistics were next to impossible. For them, telemedicine would be a godsend. But there were questions about how well it would work.