Architect and Builder November/December 2015 | Page 74

INTERIORWATCH THE LATEST NEWS AND PRODUCTS FROM THE COMMERCIAL INTERIOR INDUSTRY NEWSWORTHY LOCAL SUSTAINABLE LIGHTING RANGE EXCITES NEW CAESARSTONE SINKS Caesarstone recently launched their new Caesarstone sinks range, making it possible to achieve a holistic countertop design in any kitchen or bathroom interior. Each sink has been engineered to match with its corresponding Caesarstone surface colour, offering homeowners a unified countertop solution. The new sinks are easy to clean and maintain, making them the ideal companion for Caesarstone surfaces. The new Caesarstone sinks come in 5 versatile colours: (1141) Pure White, (2141) Snow White, (2220) Ivory, (2003) Grey, (4003) Sleek Concrete. Sinks are ideal for most design schemes, but can also be used to create a contrasting effect. Stephen Pikus of Green Light District is a creative man with a passion for beautiful things – especially those that can be made from items others have discarded. After spending hours trawling scrap yards and rubbish dumps looking for things to up-cycle, he started recycling glass to make chandeliers and this is when he fell in love with lighting. A bin full of old truck filters inspired the design of a range of some uniquely beautiful light fittings. After much trial and error Stephen entered his filter light design in the Eskom Energy Efficient Lighting Design Competition in 2014 and was amazed to win the main prize. Green Light District creates work for the previously unemployed who earn an income by collecting glass that is then used in the chandelier designs. They also have a team of people that are trained, then given the glass, wire and the tools needed to prepare the glass for the chandeliers. Once processed, the glass takes on the tumbled look of pieces of glass you might find on the beach. The recycled truck filter lighting range has taken a product that was not being recyled and environmentally hazardous and turned it into a striking contemporary light fixture that comes in a range of sizes and finishes. Stephen has registered a patent on his design to ensure that the product is not mass produced elsewhere and diminishes the environmental and social benefits that local production encourages. Green Light District was selected to exhibit at 100% Design earlier this year and is also a finalist in the 2015 PPC Imaginarium competition. Contact Stephen on 079 619 8228 Scratch, stain, heat resistance and durability come standard. 72 Interior Watch