Architect and Builder August 2017 - Page 18

PROJECTVIEW THE NEIGHBOURHOOD, LINKSFIELD A new residential lifestyle deve- lopment that celebrates the heritage and natural environment of Johannesburg’s historic Links- field area was recently launched by Investec Property. Aptly named The Neighbourhood, this close- knit estate is set to be one of the few secure residential develop- ments in the area, offering buyers a choice of upmarket stand-alone houses, cluster-style living or luxury loft apartments. Complementing the residential development will be a new village square, complete with a vibrant shopping walkway and plaza. The Neighbourhood is nestled beneath lies Park Linksfield adjacent precinct, to Ridge, the a and Huddle 220-hectare greenbelt that is home to a public golf course and other leisure amenities. Investec Property has carefully crafted a design for their approximately 53-hectare estate that complements the existing land and facilities, while delivering a village-style development to meet the needs of families. Experienced South African archi- tects, Boogertman & Partners and landscape architects, Landmark Studios, have created a design that resonates with the history and architecture of the area, while ensuring that the large majority of existing trees and vegetation remain intact. New indigenous plant life will be incorporated into the landscaping and lush green spaces will be a feature of the estate. Construction begins in August 2017. 18 35 LOWER LONG, CAPE TOWN The new 35 Lower Long development is an elegant and dynamic office tower proposal on a peninsula site bound by Lower Long Street and Jetty Streets. Designed by dhk architects for land owner Ellerine Brothers and developers Abland, the new tower replaces a lower building designed in the late eighties. Situated in Cape Town’s Foreshore precinct, great care has been taken to invigorate this part of the city, both on street level and in the greater cityscape. It is envisaged as one of the first of a cluster of taller buildings appropriate for the presently underdeveloped area flanked by Lower Long and Loop Street. The new building is characterised by a singular sculpted massing with dynamic glazed façades which extend seamlessly over both the offices and parking levels. The glazed façade terminates above ground level to emphasise the newly activated street edge. The entire length of the street frontage along Lower Long & Jetty Street is animated by new ground level retail, with multiple entry points to the office building and a prominent office entrance. The two main corners of the building are increasingly chamfered towards the roof, breaking the solidity of the building. The wing-like glazing on the main street facing façades soars upwards past the chamfered corners, further articulating and defragmenting the solid orthogonal building mass. The sculptural building will create a dynamic form when viewed from across the city, both at street level and from nearby buildings. The building will provide 13,470m² of premium office space and 334m 2 of retail, and will be completed early 2020. Project Watch