Architect and Builder December 2019 - Page 25

Celebrati ng 33 Years Passive fi re protecti on is the primary measure integrated within the constructi on fabric of a building to provide inherent fi re safety. “ We make buildings Safe ” This ensures protecti on against fl ame, heat and smoke to maintain the fundamental requirements of building compartmentati on, structural stability, fi re separati on and safe means of escape. Main Contractors on Ridge 7, Umhlanga Ridge From advising clients & contractors on site to discussing the most cost-eff ecti ve products at tender stage we are able to help you at all stages of your project. 031 709 5600 • Fire Stopping Seals • Fire protecti ve coati ng for electrical cables • Fire protecti on of structural steel • Intumescent, Ablati ve and Vermiculite coati ngs 031 464 7893 PASSIVE FIRE PROTECTION l SCOPE OF WORKS Lateral support with varying retained heights of up to 12.2m, consisting of: • Installation of 171 Contiguous wall piles, 600mm and 650mm diameter • Excavate and construct 188m of capping beam • Install 651 ground anchors of varying length • 4 rows of permanent intermediate whaler beams totalling 326m • Application of 100mm thick reinforced shotcrete to 1674m2 Foundation piling consisting of the installation of 180 piles of varying diameter up to 750mm.  25