Archetech Issue 43 2019 | Page 2

Schlüter ® - L IP R O T E C lighting pro file techno logy Schlüter ® -KERDI waterpro ofing me mbrane Schlüter ® - K E R D I- B O ARD waterproo f, cement fr ee tile backer board Schlüter ® - K E R D I- L IN E linear dra in Schlüter ® - D IL E X movement joint Schlüter ® - to complem P R O F IL E S ent tile and stone Schlüter ® - D IT R A - H E AT electric und ertile heatin - E - D U O g and s reduction fo r wall and fl ound oors PROBLEM SOLVED Schlüter ® - K E R D I- SH OWE ready-to R -tile show er tray Schlüter ® -WETROOMS When specifying a wetroom, you need a system you can trust. Our Schlüter ® -WETROOM systems guarantee CE marked waterproofing that is suitable for use in commercial and residential installations with tile and stone coverings. The complete system offers all the required products for waterproofing and drainage to create showers and wetrooms. Backed up by expert technical support, whenever, wherever you need it. Making the decision to choose Schlüter-Systems even easier. To find out more call 01530 813396 or visit