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The garden here at AQUILA HQ is full of incredible specimens from all over the planet , in fact it makes Kew Gardens look like your nana ’ s back patio . Most of the plants here are real , but some are products of our chlorophyll-addled imaginations . Can you tell which is which ? Welcome to this month ’ s Brainfeeders .
AQUILA ’ s Golden-Global-Animal-Academy- Awards may sound like a mouthful but it ’ s definitely a real thing that we didn ’ t make up . Meet this year ’ s hugely talented winners as they tread ( and flap , flit and slither ) the red carpet .
What ’ s orange , fur-covered and lives in a tree ? Tarzan ’ s mouldy satsumas ? Well , yes , good guess , but that ’ s not the focus of this article . Instead we ’ re looking at the Orangutans of Borneo and the human efforts to save them from extinction .
Wrappers delight ! Primp that picnic ! Level-up that lunch ! Insert third motivational phrase ! Polly ’ s studio has become a hive of activity . She ’ s buzzy making sustainable , personalised beeswax food wraps for all her friends , and so can you !
Reasons to be cheerful Like I said before , it ’ s not all doom and gloom . All over the planet , communities , organisations and individuals are coming together to make a difference . Find out more , here .
You Grow Girl ! I think we can probably all agree that the ancient Greeks had some funny habits : Letting your doctor taste your earwax . Using crocodile dung as a skin cream . Worshipping Mother Earth as the divine goddess from which all things originate . Hang on , what ? That last one actually sounds … sensible .
The Sea Queen is threatening Arif ’ s livelihood , his community and everything he knows . Will he risk it all to save his village ? Find out in our brand new short story , Fish out of Water , by Avantika Taneja .
Illustration : Kaley McKean