Aquila Children's Magazine The Electric Issue - Page 3

Copper load of this! Polly makes a hypnotic motorised thaumatrope. Are you BRIGHTER than a lanternfish carrying a 1000w flashlight at a day-glo disco convention? Find out with this month’s Brainfeeders. Shocking species Did I ever tell you about the time I tried to argue with an electric eel? I was just explaining that although humanity COULD try to harness its power for domestic use, the practice wouldn’t be efficient or profitable enough to make it realistic on a world stage, and the little whatsit electrocuted me. ‘What on Earth did you do that for?’ I shouted. The eel shrugged, ‘truth hertz!’ (Yes, that is the best I can do, ed) Happy Birthday Madame Curie I mean, BON ANNIVERSAIRE obviously (that’s French, classy!). and Ian ! In this month’s AQUILA news, Harry has a question about elements, Ella is writing a book called The Tsunami Surfer, Noor wants an issue on women in sport and Matilda has sent us an INCREDIBLE drawing. You lot are amazing! Can Libby track down the Wood Demon and free her friend Megan from its evil embrace? Time is running out. Find out in part two of Amy Sparkes’ short story, The Game. The pen friend club is back with a brand new AQUILAnaut in charge. Welcome Audley!