April/May 2023 Aspire Magazine FULL Issue | Page 55

put you at a state of dis-ease and cause distress . By learning to be in “ mindful state ” more often , we will develop new habits and get more control of our mind and feel more at ease . As a busy woman myself , I use mindfulness daily as one of my tools to achieve The Well-Trained Mind .

The 5 Core Features of Mindfulness are :



Be the observer of your experiences from a manner that is more direct and sensual ( sensing mode ) rather than being analytical ( thinking mode ). We often naturally try to think about something rather than feel it or experience it . Simply try to observe your thoughts , feelings , and body sensations with the curiosity of a child . Like “ aha ” moments .
Take time to notice the fine details of what you are observing . Often , we only scan the environment and miss out on a lot so take time to notice texture , color , the air , the smell , the noises , the seen and unseen . Consider an orange … what shade of orange is it , how does it feel in your hands , what is the texture , is it round or oval , does it have dimples , does the skin have an essence , is it a little squishy or super hard , is there a stem attached , how does it feel rolled on your arm , where did it come from , is it ripe , do you consider it large or small , how long do you think it has been off the tree , when you squeeze it do you smell the essence or do you have to cut into it before it smells , how does it feel to cut into it , is the knife you are using sharp or dull , is it easier to peel , look at the veining inside , how many seeds are there , etc .



Participating Fully
Playing full out or fully showing up is the aim of mindfulness . Don ’ t exclude anything . Try to notice all aspects of whatever task or activity you are doing and give your full attention and care to this .
Non- Judgmental
It ’ s important to adopt an accepting stance
towards whatever is happening or whatever you are experiencing . A significant reason for prolonged emotional distress is related to our attempts to avoid or control what is happening or to judge the experience

Being mindful can become a habit and can greatly reduce tension and help you feel more at ease ...