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control how you perceive the situation and respond to them with loving-kindness . Trust that they ’ re where they ’ re meant to be on their soul ’ s journey .

2 . Accept and be compassionate of another person ’ s soul journey . Refrain from judging other people or situations that you don ’ t understand . You cannot know another soul ’ s experience , even when that person is close to you such as a child or spouse . Accept that whatever choices they make are part of their soul ’ s path no matter what they look like at the time or how different they are from your own . See them as the spiritual beings they truly are . Experiencing them in a more positive light will bring you into a state of grace , where you can accept them for who they are .

3 . Let yourself be wherever you are in your life . Life is full of ups and downs and most often doesn ’ t unfold in the way you want , or events don ’ t go as planned . Release any preconceived plans or agendas and embrace whatever comes your way . Surrender any expectations of how life should be and focus your intentions on creating how you want it to be . Trust the divine unfolding of your life even if it ’ s not as you expected or on your timeline . By allowing things to unfold as they are without resistance will bring you into a peaceful state of being .

4 . View your life from a higher perspective . See life ’ s challenges as opportunities for your soul growth even when they are challenging or painful . Let them show you how resilient you really are . Through your heart center , you access what it is you want or need for your soul ’ s progression here on Earth . It is here you tap into your soul blueprint , the template your soul created for your present life . Trust what is happening in your life is for your soul ’ s evolution . 5 . Let your thoughts be by simply noticing them move through your mind . Sit in an attitude of neutrality by

38 www . AspireMAG . net | April / May 2023