April 2020 April 2020 - Page 3

“In these uncertain times” How many messages have we all received over the past weeks that started exactly that way? Personally, I have heard or read that so many times at this point it has lost all meaning. We all understand that these are uncertain times, we all realize that life as we know it may never get completely back to the way it was before COVID 19. We as a civilization are being forced to truly assess how we operate, and adapt to the new reality. Whether you are working from home, working different hours, or waiting for the opportunity to return to the office, we have all been forced to live outside of our comfort zones and will continue to do so for the coming weeks, possibly months. My heart goes out to those that are sick, or have loved ones that have contracted the virus, and I truly hope you recover both physically and emotionally. With any luck, we are approaching the pinnacle of this pandemic and will begin to see the number of cases and casualties decline soon. ASCE-NH, like most other organizations, has canceled or delayed all of our meetings over the next few months, and hope to be back to our normal operating schedules by August. The annual scholarship golf outing has been postponed for the first time since its inception, so please look forward to that this coming August instead of June. I hope you all join us then and celebrate the reuniting of the engineering community in NH. Despite our current situation ASCE-NH will still be handing out scholarships this year. If you know of any NH students entering or continuing with an Engineering degree, please have them look at our scholarship opportunities here: https://www.ascenh.org/resources SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT Maintain social connections while physically distancing From the advent of social media websites we have been preparing for being isolated physically, but maintaining our personal and professional connections. Some of us remember getting our first Myspace accounts back in 2003, signing up for Facebook in 2004, logging into Twitter in 2006, or sending our fist photo through Instagram in 2010. Others were reluctant to jump on board the social media roller coaster, but with today’s situation it is a method to maintain connections, and relationships. It is vital to all of our sanity to stay connected to each other, and help each other through this crisis. While the location of the finish line is still unknown, please remember to stay in touch and try to remain positive. This too shall pass.