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President Message Spring is upon us as we welcome the bustling avian species and bursting buds of green. Spring is a time of new beginnings and growth and seems fitting that this is my last President Message as ASCE-NH prepares for the transition to the new board members. I’ll be shifting to Past-President and applauding Logan Johnson to the stage as our new ASCE-NH President. hosted at the Puritan Back Room in Manchester. A fan-favorite (likely due to the chicken tenders), we will be hosting the ASCE-National President-Elect, Robin Kemper. Our new President has secured David Allen,VP, Business Operations and Strategy at Oracle+Dyn, who will present on what factors contributed to Dyn finding a home in Manchester, NH; the infrastructure challenges facing businesses in NH; and what infrastructure demands he ASCE-NH Board of Directors have been comprised of anticipates for his business in the future. If you a majority of younger members since I joined haven’t done so already, REGISTRATION is still open. several years back. Leadership and volunteers are in short supply, but I really have to give credit to Karen Huberdeau, our Younger Member Committee Chairwoman, for her incredible commitment and effectiveness at encouraging younger members to become more active in ASCE. She has done a phenomenal job reaching out to the University and connecting students with professionals. If you haven’t attended one of the Younger Member Social events, I encourage your to do so. She might just motivate you and change your life. Karen isn’t the only member that has accomplished a great deal. Mike Bogue, our current Sr. Delegate, has rekindled our presence in the Region 1 Assembly. He has also taken on the responsibilities of coordinating the P.E. Refresher Course. His organizational skills have revitalized the professionalism and dependability of the course. This task truly requires too much to ask for from one person, but Mr. Bogue championed his duties along with all his other responsibilities with work and family. I nominated Mr. Bogue to become our ASCE- NH President-Elect and I encourage you to support him with your vote as he will be an extraordinary leader of the group. There is one more member that I’ve watched grow over the last few years. Tim Dunn, our ASCE-NH Clerk, has really transformed on a personal and professional level and I peg him as becoming a president of this organization in the close years to come. He exhibits all the enthusiasm and leadership qualities that will help him make his mark on this industry. Although we do the official transfer in May, our season isn’t over until we load up and crank some golf balls down at the ol’ Beaver Meadows! Our golf planning committee, championed by Anabelle Allen, our ASCE-NH Vice President, has been working diligently to find sponsors and prepare for the Annual ASCE-NH Section Scholarship Golf Outing and Lunch/Prizes. This is the starter pistol to the golf season. It’s the first day of June and will be coming up quickly, so get REGISTERED before spots fill up. And don’t worry about trying to practice, we know you, it’s not going to help… And lastly, a friendly reminder as to the importance of cultivating leaders in the engineering community. The experience, personal growth, and professional relationships obtained while volunteering with So with that, I encourage you to join us as we ASCE helps perpetuate the accomplishments of the celebrate our new transition at our Annual Meeting outstanding performers in our industry. I hope to scheduled Tuesday, May 8 th from 5:30 to 8:30 and see new faces there. With that note, I’m Signing off!