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Every child should Dream Big

Together, we can make that possible.

The acclaimed giant-screen documentary Dream Big: Engineering Our World has inspired and delighted audiences in museums around the world.

Now, ASCE with generous support from the United Engineering Foundation (UEF) has set an ambitious goal: to put a copy of the Dream Big film and educational toolkit in every public school in America.

To reach every school, we need your help!

Give $5 to send the school of your choice a toolkit containing:

- A DVD of the full-length feature film in English, French, Spanish and closed captioned, licensed for educational screenings only

- The complete teacher’s guide

- All companion videos

- Downloadable files for classroom use

Please consider donating by visiting https://www.engineersdreambig.org/

I have been serving as your Newsletter Editor for little over a year. The newsletter can be a lot of work at times but it has helped me to branch out and become more active in our community. I have connected with a bunch of good people that I would probably not have met otherwise. For anyone considering becoming more involved with ASCE-NH, the newsletter or website is a great place to start. As luck would have it, we happen to have an opening for a website editor!

When I am not busy with the newsletter, I work as a Geotechnical Engineer. I have been working with Golder Associates for nearly five years and currently work as a Project Engineer. At Golder I have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects ranging from bridge foundation designs to municipal solid waste landfill caps to rockfall mitigation designs. I have had the opportunity to visit some beautiful parts of the country while working on projects well off the beaten path.

My wife and are new to home ownership so we have been very busy this winter working around the house and trying to figure out how everything works. We moved seemly right before winter, so we have been cooped up and only working on project indoors. The winter was so LONG that I am actually looking forward to doing some yard work. Time to move outdoors!

Cameron Stuart, P.E. – GOLDER ASSOCIATES – ASCE-NH Newsletter Editor