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UNH Hosts Order of the Engineer Ceremony On April 19, 2018, 83 graduating seniors recited the Obligation of the Engineer and received their cast iron rings in the Order of the Engineer ceremony hosted in Huddleston Hall. This represents the highest attendance we have had for the Order of the Engineer in many years. All departments of engineering at UNH were represented, from civil and environmental to mechanical, electrical, and chemical. UNH civil engineering Professor Robert Henry delivered opening remarks before the event segued into Professor Jean Benoit’s presentation on the history of the order, and finally Professor Raymond Cook’s lecture on the Quebec Bridge failure, highlighting the importance of ethics in engineering. Next, ASCE-NH President Elect Logan Johnson explained the significance of the order before Roch LaRochelle led the recitation of the Obligation of the Engineer. Finally, the rings were presented and the keynote address was delivered by President Elect Logan Johnson, which focused on New Hampshire’s ASCE report card and the need for renewing our outdated infrastructure. This year’s highly successful Order was made possible by the efforts of the UNH ASCE student chapter, the UNH Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the UNH College of Engineering and Physical Science, and NH-ASCE. We would like to thank the aforementioned groups as well as all engineering professionals who showed up to the event.