Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 8

TOTAL Gather Develop Comply Dive right in, you’ll be up and running in five minutes If you like to just “get in and go,” you’ll love TOTAL. It’s never been faster or easier to start reports. And you’ll love the time-saving tools for pulling in data from previous reports, your databases, MLS, and more. Use the Aurora Transition Assistant to copy over your reports, settings, QuickLists, signatures, and more. Or, if you recently switched, import files and databases from your previous software with our simple Competitor Conversion Wizard. Fire up new reports in no time Use SmartStart to enter the subject address, then choose how much (or little) information you want to enter up front. You can dive straight into your form or use SmartMerge to pull in data from old reports or templates in a snap. Fill out the Neighborhood section in a click. Superpowered common responses In TOTAL, your QuickLists (common responses) aren’t limited to saving data for just one field at a time. You can select multiple fields and save them as a single set of data to fill out entire sections later. Watch the video here: 6 1-800-ALAMODE •