Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 34

Appraiser XSites

Beat market slowdowns with websites and campaigns that build non-lender clientele
You’re an appraiser, not a marketing expert. We get that. But business today is conducted almost entirely online, so having a website is essential. You need a site where current clients and prospective ones (including non-lenders like attorneys and homeowners) learn about your services and order appraisals.

And there’s a big difference between ordinary websites and an XSite that actually brings you high-fee orders and showcases your expertise. With XSites, you get an easy-to-use, professional site with pages that attract new non-lender clients and keeps the old ones coming back with ordering and new ways to contact you.

The most effective websites for appraisers
• Choose your own domain name ( or easily transfer an existing name
• Customize your images, colors, layouts, and more
• Hundreds of pre-written pages show off your areas of expertise to homeowners, attorneys, CPAs, etc.
• Chat with site visitors before they move onto your competition’s website
• Convert casual visitors into clients with customizable lead capture forms
• Interactive coverage area maps, images that link to your social media, mobile messaging, etc.

Launch your XSite in minutes
Simply choose your domain name (“.com”), pick your theme, and you’ll be online in minutes. Plus, everything can be edited with our simple word processor. As soon as you make a change, it appears on your site instantly.

• Your website will exude credibility and professionalism with very little effort. We’ve done all the work.
• Add a Fee Quote page to make it easy for visitors to request a quote.

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