Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 30

Vault with Exact

Don’t trust your business with “cheap” online file storage or unreliable external drives
Cloud-based protection for your appraisals, databases, and more We launched Vault with Exact back in 2000 — about a decade before “the cloud” became a household term. Today, nearly 12 million appraisal files are stored, along with thousands of appraisers’ office settings. It’s the best way to keep your appraisals safe, go paperless, and collaborate with other appraisers. It’s also the best option to restore work completely and quickly.

There are plenty of other storage methods, but Vault with Exact is the only one designed for appraisers, with your specific workflow and data in mind. If disaster does strike and you need to move to a new PC or laptop ASAP, Vault with Exact will have you up and running in minutes — like the setback never happened.

Recovering after a crash with Vault and Exact:
Moving to a new PC with Vault and Exact:
Accessing appraisals remotely with Vault:

Get Vault with Exact if you:
• Rely on traditional storage methods, which cost hundreds per year in ink, paper, and storage space
• Plan to get a new PC soon and will need to quickly transfer all of your appraisals, personalized settings, and databases
• Need USPAP-compliant, paperless protection from natural disasters, theft, and PC meltdowns
• Collaborate and share settings with trainees, other appraisers, or office managers
• Want to work remotely and spend less time driving back and forth to the office to work on reports
• Field urgent calls from clients, underwriters, and auditors with questions about past appraisals
• Have been burned by the “cheap” and generic storage solutions that aren’t built for appraisers — unable to get your settings and files recovered quickly (if at all)

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