Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 27


Instant hi-res flood maps and data
InterFlood inserts a professional, easy-to-read flood map automatically. There’s no copying and pasting needed. It just works!

Better flood maps without the work
• New and improved maps look professional, clean, crisp, and are easy to read
• Your choice between aerial and street maps
• Up-to-the-minute data with the LOMR information from FEMA included
• Panels are properly sized for your legal addenda — no more excruciating panning and zooming on the FEMA website or inside huge map panels
• “Set it and forget it” option automatically adds maps to every report where the subject is in a flood zone — no more copying and inserting images
• Addresses are geocoded and the subject property is automatically circled — no image editing or guessing
• Easier readability for your clients with clearly marked streets and a detailed legend
• Great for commercial narratives — get maps from and paste them into your word processor or narrative software
• If needed, use GPS coordinates or position the subject property using a Bing street map

Stop wrestling with the FEMA website. InterFlood plans start at just $19. Visit