Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 15

Save $100 with code CATA100 Roll back reports to earlier versions with Timeline “Timeline saved my butt! You’ve been there. That heart-stopping moment of losing hours of work after making a mistake. For instance, you merged data into the wrong report and saved it. With TOTAL’s Timeline, never worry again. As you fill in your forms, TOTAL saves copies of your report in various stages as you enter data, add and swap forms, merge data, or deliver. Using Timeline, you can roll back your report to the version before you made any major change. Now that is a cool feature. After hours of work, I just overwrote a file by mistake. Poof… hours of work gone! Then I saw Timeline, selected a copy that had been saved just a few minutes before my dumb mistake. And poof… hours of work restored! I was back where I left off in no time.” — Cris Wilmes, Able Appraisal See it in action: Timeline Learn how Timeline will save you time after mistakes. Watch the video here: Get peace of mind from fraud and identity theft with secure signing With SureDocs, your reports are protected by a secure signature block with your unique serial number specific to each report. The first time you set up SureDocs, TOTAL verifies your identity and saves it to your account. You or your client can visit the SureDocs validation page to verify the authenticity and integrity of your data. • 1-800-ALAMODE 13