Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 - Page 10

TOTAL Develop Comply Save the most time with all your comps side-by-side on one screen Our Comps Side-by-Side PowerView shows all your comps, rentals, or listings in one horizontally-scrolling screen. It’s the most logical way to handle your comps. But we didn’t stop there — TOTAL also includes Detailed View and SmartAdjust to help with UAD and non-numeric adjustments. SmartAdjust is the only adjuster that handles both numeric and non-numeric adjustments, and does it for UAD and non-UAD reports in one consistent interface. You can use percentages, percentage per square foot, and dollars, all in conjunction with our unique text-based lookup tables. What’s a table? It’s how you handle text like “C1” versus “C2”, tying adjustment factors to different values automatically. You’ll save time on EVERY field in the grid — especially the compound UAD fields, like basement and bathrooms, which Detailed View automatically breaks out into separate line items for you to apply individual adjustment factors. So, for bathroom count you’ll see one sub-line for full baths, one for half baths, and can adjust separately for each. They’ll be adjusted together in the grid and factors are applied across all comps. Press “F2” to push data across the grid Adjust as many comps as you need with horizontal scrolling 8 1-800-ALAMODE •