Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 6

TOTAL Develop Better software, no surprises Developing reports is the cornerstone of your business. With more and more client demands, you need software that won’t slow you down and actually saves you time. More appraisers choose TOTAL because it’s intuitive, stable, built for today’s technology (it runs beautifully on Windows 10), and includes the features that save you the most time on every report. Comply Manage Save $100 Use coupon code CATA100 to take $100 off TOTAL, making it just $199. One license covers multiple computers per user! “I can’t believe I struggled with unintuitive appraisal software for so many years. TOTAL is wonderful and is saving me 30 minutes on every report right out of the box. I’m sure it will save even more as I become more familiar with it.” — Patrick Bolen, Bolen RE Appraisals Save time on every report: • Rapidly fire up new reports with SmartStart • The Conversion Wizard copies over reports and data from your previous software • 100% free and robust mobile application • Easily reuse data and keep your subject and comp data consistent with SmartAddress • Add PDFs and docs in a click • Easily organize all supporting files and go paperless with the Digital Workfile • Insert commonly used data into multiple fields at once with QuickLists • Photo handling is a breeze with the intelligent QuickPix Database and Photos PowerView • 100% secure digital signature with paper trail • Save time on UAD comp adjustments with Detailed View that breaks down each field into individual line items • SmartAdjust handles your numeric, non-numeric, and UAD adjustments automatically • Easily roll back to a previous version of your report with Timeline 4 1-800-ALAMODE • WinTOTAL Aurora user? TOTAL comes free with your Membership.