Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 26

Loyalty Rewards: Get Paid

How to save hundreds on your renewal

Get rewarded when your friends switch
Tell your friends to switch to us. When they do, you’ll save big on your next renewal (you could even pay nothing)!

Here’s how it works:
• Tell your appraiser friends how much you love our products and have them call 1-800-ALAMODE.
• When they buy TOTAL, you’ll get a 50% credit based on their first order with us.

That’s it! Simply get two or more friends to spend what you spend a year and you’ll get your renewal for free. Or, if one colleague spends double what you spend, your renewal will be $0. Use your credits on any a la mode service — renew, upgrade, or try something new.

Friend buys TOTAL + Silver Membership: $648 ÷ 2
Your Loyalty Reward Credit: $324
Silver renewal: $349 – $324
Your renewal: $25

1-800-ALAMODE •