Appraiser Solutions Guide Spring 2016 | Page 18

TOTAL Sketch TOTAL Sketch is included free with TOTAL. It’s easy to use, built in-house, and transfers all data into TOTAL. That means no third-party integration is needed and it’s fully backed by our support experts. You can also use our free mobile app, TOTAL for Mobile, to draw everything on your mobile device then sync to easily make edits and add finishing touches in TOTAL Sketch. Gather Develop Get more with TOTAL Sketch Pro Save time with Trace Mode and Photometrics when you upgrade to TOTAL Sketch Pro. Pro also gives you the ability to use TOTAL with Apex or RapidSketch. Upgrade to TOTAL Sketch Pro for just $69. Sketching made simple • Syncs with TOTAL for Mobile – create sketches in the app and add finishing touches on your desktop • Area calculations flow into your report • Unlimited customizable area types • Easily draw angles, curves, and polygons • Draw multiple areas at once or combine walls into areas • Huge library of customizable labels • Easily copy, paste, undo, and redo • Large icons to more easily sketch on your Windows touchscreen tablet • Built-in hotkeys for faster sketching without leaving your keyboard • In TOTAL, view a Bing™ aerial map and photos side-by-side your sketch to spot-check your floorplan’s shape • Pro — Integration with Apex, RapidSketch, and Phoenix Sketch. • Pro — Trace Mode: A phenomenal timesaver on multi-story properties • Pro — Photometrics: Upload an aerial image, specs, etc., set the scale, and trace 16 1-800-ALAMODE • Comply Mobile sketches flow right in