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Published March 2018 by Contact us Chelsea Close Off Amberley Road Armley, Leeds LS12 4HP United Kingdom Phone: + 44 (0) 113 274 4802 [email protected] Website Patron HRH The Princess Royal Chair Gillian Wilmot Editor Beth Thompson [email protected] The opinions expressed in these articles are those of the authors. They do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Coaching, its management or staff. Throughout these articles, the pronouns he, she, him, her and so on are interchangeable and intended to be inclusive of both males and females. It is important in sport, as elsewhere, that both genders have equal status and opportunities. The term parent includes carers, guardians and other next of kin categories. UK Coaching will ensure that it has professional and ethical values and that all its practices are inclusive and equitable. © The National Coaching Foundation, 2018 Photography Cover © HQuality/ Inside © UK Coaching unless otherwise stated. Designed and produced by Coachwise Creative (92874) ISSN 2516-3191 2 Welcome Welcome to the first issue of the UK Coaching Applied Coaching Research Journal. The journal is designed to identify key topics of interest and bring them to the forefront of the coaching community. One of the great aspects of coaching is that there is always something new to learn. Here, we are providing a platform to support and expand that learning. Much research around coaching and coach-related topics is conducted each year, but often it can be overlooked by practitioners. There are a variety of reasons for this; it might be the terminology and the type of language it is presented in, or it could quite simply be that many coaches don’t have access to it. This is where we can help! UK Coaching and its Research team have asked myself, Louisa Arnold (Kent Sport) and Wayne Allison (The Football Association) to join their Editorial Team, as independent members. We are, first and foremost, coaches who understand the amazing yet complex world of coaching. Our aim is to translate relevant research and information into an output that will support the coaching community, as well as identify key gaps that need further investigation. While this journal is a platform where we can share coaching-related topics, you may also want to join our coaching network, ConnectedCoaches. Here you can become involved in bespoke coaching discussions and widen your coaching support network. We hope you find the journal useful and informative. For future journals we would like to invite people to submit articles with a variety of relevant coaching topics. If you are interested in submitting an article, or would like to be involved in the journal in the future (as an author, reviewer or editor) then please email the Research team at [email protected] On behalf of the editorial team, Paul Greaves, Sheffield Hallam University