APPInep Winter issue 2019 APPInep e-Newsletter 13 final

APPInep e-Newsletter no. 13 — It’s Winter time — February 2019 From the editor’s desk In this e-Newsletter: WELCOME everyone to a new issue of the Articles corner  “The Joys of Storytelling” and “Storytelling APPInep e-Newsletter. lesson plan”, by David Heathfield We would like to thank those who have sent us some suggestions and ideas. We also appreciated your positive feedback regarding the new format of our e-Newsletter. Thank you so much for your kind words. Your feedback always motivates us to do our best. As usual, we have very interesting articles for you. Storytelling is the main topic of this issue. No wonder, after the fantastic APPI Storytelling Day that happened in Porto last January! And we are very happy to include in this issue articles by Andrew Wright and David Heathfield, two well-know storytellers, who were present at that conference, sharing with us their expertise, their experience and, above all, their love for stories. We do hope you find this Winter issue to your liking. And let us hear from you! Ana Nunes Storytelling corner  “Digital storytelling tools in the YL English classroom - Part I”, by Susana Oliveira  “Playing Ever After - Learning through stories and play”, by Fran Seftel In the classroom  “Class Oral Storymaking”, by Andrew Wright Projects corner  “Postcrossing as a school project”, by Filipa Daniela Duarte Review time  PEPELT Facebook page, by Sónia Ferreirinha Reflection time...  “The Primary Teacher Confirmation Scale”, by Alexandra Santana Training corner  APPIforma 1