APPInep e-newsletter_Autumn_2018 APPInep e-Newsletter 12.7

APPInep e-Newsletter no. 12 — Back to school — Autumn 2018 Welcome words In this e-Newsletter: CHEERS Carla and Velma! We regret their Articles corner leaving the APPInep circle though keeping on being committed 'APPIneppers'! It is on behalf of the APPI board that I thank them very much for their outstanding skill and commitment to help making APPInep grow steadily. WELCOME, Ana Nunes, our new 'APPInepper' who is teaming up with Sónia as co-editor of The APPInep e-  “Assessment in primary English education”, by Sandie Mourão Storytelling corner  “From one-word utterances sentences”, by Isabel Silva to complete In the classroom Newsletter; and welcome back, Helena Soares,  “The water cycle revisited”, by Chris Roland who is taking up as the APPInep Facebook page  “Learning English with ICT, in the primary administrator! On behalf of the APPI board, I wish both of you all the Best in helping keep APPInep and its activity a reference for the eyes of the VYL & YL teachers and teachers of English at large. Warm thanks from all of u s. Alberto Gaspar school”, by Sandrine Coelho  Festivities - Thanksgiving Arts and crafts  “There were ten in the bed - story and song”, by Daniella Costa Projects corner  “CLIL for CHILDREN: Materials and resources for primary CLIL”, by Margarida Morgado From the editor’s desk Welcome to a new issue of the APPInep e- Newsletter. In this Autumn issue we are experimenting a new format, hopefully more interactive and user- friendly. We would also like to give you all the opportunity to contribute with your ideas and suggestions, so we are trying to incorporate ways to easily get your feedback Finally, we have, as usual, some very interesting articles for you. We hope you find this issue to your liking. Ana Nunes Reflection time...  “Using puppets in the ELT classroom”, by Fernanda Soares Training corner  APPIforma