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Storytelling corner From one-word utterances to complete sentences Walking Through the Jungle, by Debby Harter (illustrator) This article is based on the poster presentation given at the PEEP’18 Meeting on October 13, 2018. It presents some activities that may help young learners practice complete sentence structures orally in an enjoyable way when learning about animals (farm and zoo). Before applying each of the following activities, it is Jungle” (available at: important to keep in mind that any new vocabulary watch?v=plvY0quSyJg) and sing along to the should be taught beforehand in order to enhance lyrics. the Videos students’ comprehension. The students’ production should also be encouraged, supported and praised. The teacher asks his/her friends with different English accents to make 30-second videos where Guessing game they talk about their favourite animal while holding One student describes a farm animal orally, by a drawing or a picture of being prompted through a card with an animal it. Students watch the picture and a text, and the other student tries to videos, and are asked guess the animal by using the model, “You’re a oral …!”. comprehension Role play structures they are familiar with. One student assumes the role of the teacher and Oral presentation asks, “What do … give us?”, and the other student Students draw their favourite animal and then plays the student and answers, “They give us …”. describe it to the class. The model students have The models are written on the board and realia is to use is written on the board, and includes several on display to support the students’ understanding. options regarding the number of legs, colours, Story among other characteristics for students to choose The teacher reads the story Walking Through the Jungle out loud to the whole class. At strategic points of the story, the teacher stops reading and asks the students, “What do you see?”. In order to give a complete answer, the students have been previously provided with the model, “I see a…”. Song Students listen to the song “Walking Through the and visual questions whose answer from. Although speaking is very demanding, activities such as the ones described above, which provide a lot of support, may help young learners go beyond one-word utterances. Note: Lion picture retrieved on April 2, 2018 from https:// I SABEL S ILVA | MA IN T EACHING E NGLISH IN THE 1 ST CEB | STUDENT AT U NIVERSIDADE DE L ISBOA