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There were ten in the bed This is a very practical activity that starts with Afterwards, ask students to draw a face on each some arts and crafts and ends up with a story of the strips of paper. You should have something and a well-known song: “There were ten in the which bed”. It can also be used to revise numbers 1 to like this: looks 10, as well as to introduce adjectives. First of all, give each student an A5 piece of paper and ask them to tear a strip which is long, leaving approximately 3cm at the end which is not torn. Always demonstrate first and then ask Alternatively, students to do it too. students can count ten equal strips of paper and make the last one shorter. Then ask them to tear, Next tell the students the story:  A short one It was time for bed. Mummy was saying goodnight  A thin one to her babies, she tucked them in (turn over the  A fat one remaining paper, like so).  A pointed one  A stubby one  A crocked one  A straight one  A big one  A little one She gave a kiss to the long one, mwah (kiss your index finger and pass on the kiss to the long one), a kiss to the thin one, a kiss to the fat one … and