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Learning English with ICT, in the Primary School Quizz and solve the quiz. The results are shown instantly When we need to consolidate some program and the class can see the right answers and the contents Plickers ( is a development of the game. It can be played in good option when we don’t have the required groups or individually. Both applications are an resources. All we need is to print the cards from excellent way to quiz students and keep track of the application (it’s very intuitive), one card for their learning. each student (or group of students, depending on the intention of the task) and to install the app in Motivating children in the early years is a part way our phone. What is really crucial is a good internet. along for the success of learning a second The questions have to be made by the teacher language. However it is important to choose the beforehand as well as printing the cards and right application according to each school reality. putting the letters in each corner of the card. In the There are many interesting applications that suit classroom, the teacher opens the application, the pedagogical purpose but not all are suitable for starts the quiz and the phone reads the several each school reality. answers the students give with the cards. The results for each question are shown in the Developing ICT tasks can be challenging because computer as well as the final results for everyone students tend to be engaged in the work and go to see. beyond their behaviour. With time they tend to be This task also doesn’t need a computer for each calmer and accept these as current activities. student and it provides a good motivation to Teachers have to be patient, it is not easy to perform both reading and speaking. control 28 students in a library or a computer room, but it is very enjoyable to see the results and to Another interesting way to test knowledge in the classroom is to use the application Mentimeter ( We can combine several types of questions, use pictures, audio, videos… The students access the application with the Magalhães computers, introduce the shown number that the teacher provides through the app know that they share their work at home where they can Google it. S ANDRINE C OELHO | APPI MEMBER NO . B 3692 | A GRUP . E SCOLAS T OMÁS C ABREIRA | F ARO