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In the classroom Learning English with ICT in the Primary School Learning English in the Primary School with ICT can be a challenge? Well, the real challenge is to choose the right tool to create stimulating English lessons. This article provides several applications for Primary English teachers to apply with their students combining fun to language productivity. Entering the twenty-first century classes need to showed the students the several steps in the data be stimulating and teachers need to keep up with show and they followed it. The application used the new technologies. In fact, some of them aren’t was new, what can be new are the apps that are templates of an invitation. The students had to always being updated. Teachers have to find the choose the template and complete the invitation educational aim associated with each app and with the previously studied vocabulary. Then they choose the ones that serve the purpose. Teachers saved it and send it to their e-mail or they could are always looking for new strategies for their have printed it. However, in order to protect the students with the purpose of facilitate the process planet we chose to save it. Greeting Island, equipped with several of teaching and learning. The English teacher has a doubled task because students are getting in touch for the first time with a foreign language and it’s imperative that they can find learning English an interesting challenge. Learning English with ICT tools in the Primary school apart from being motivating it must provide also an effective way of language productivity. Choosing the right tools can be a problem because there are a whole set of opportunities to select. A careful planning is required in order to opt for the ones that fit in our pedagogical intention and the age of our students. Greeting Island To develop the writing with children in the first year of English (3rd grade) can be an interesting challenge, it needs to be easy according to their level of performance and promoter of the studied vocabulary. The proposed activity was developed Speacheble in the Magalhães computers (the school doesn’t Identifying parts of the human body is a 4th grade have any other computers for the children). I programme content and the way we chose to