APD Annual Reports - 2013 Annual Report - Page 31

Recovered Property Value Detectives and officers work diligently to reunite property and valuables to victims. During 2013, over $6,084,502 of property was recovered by the department. Property by Type and Value English Bulldog Reunited with family Type of Property Value Investigators helped a family reunite with their stolen puppy Currency, Notes, etc. $ 38,075.00 after a burglary. The break in the case came after a traffic Jewelry and Precious Metals $ 38,475.00 stop where officers located several items of stolen property. Clothing and Furs $ 50,370.00 After securing a Locally Stolen Motor Vehicles $ 5,662,127.00 search warrant for the suspect’s Office Equipment $ 96,753.00 residence, Maggie, TVs, Radios, Stereos, etc. $ 63,364.00 an English bulldog, Firearms $ 3,254.00 was recovered and Household Goods $ 3,342.00 returned to her family. From the way officers Consumable Goods $ 2,606.00 conducted their initial Livestock $ investigation to the Miscellaneous $ 126,136.00 way our detectives TOTAL $ 6,084,502.00 processed the case, APD was thrilled to have a happy ending to this case. The family was very appreciative and had the opportunity to tell their story to Chief Johnson and the local media. 2013 Alcohol/Drug Related Crashes vs. DWI Arrests Alcohol/Drug Related Crashes DWI Arrests 140 120 100 Arlington Traffic Quick Facts: • There is one officer for every five non-private lane miles.(1) • A crash occurred in Arlington every 47 minutes.(2) 80 One lane mile equals one lane of street pavement one mile in length. (2) Based on the 2013 ratio of crashes to fixed time. This should not be misconstrued with actual time occurrences. (1) 60 2013 Types of Crashes in Arlington 40 2013 Arlington Crime Index 20 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May incidence of DWI offenses Property and crashes. Each year, Crimes the department creates a 89% strategic plan to increase enforcement initiatives, curb illicit alcohol and drug use, and push a strong legislative Violent Jun Jul Aug Crimes 11% Sep Oct DWI 3.71% Fatality 0.22% Nov Dec agenda to support these efforts. Last year, the city investigated 430 alcohol or drug related crashes and arrested more than 1,370 persons for driving while intoxicated. CMV 0.15% Minor 39.97% Hit and Run 20.64% City Fleet 1.77% Major 33.55% 29 2012 vs. 2013 Arlington Crime Index