APD Annual Reports - 2013 Annual Report - Page 26

Management Services The Management Services Bureau provides essential police related support for the department and our citizens. Providing excellent customer service, fiscal stewardship, and researching the latest technological advances and equipment are the primary responsibility of this bureau. As a result of the bureau’s hard work, the department is looked upon by peer law enforcement agencies as a leader. Alarm Unit The alarm unit is responsible for issuing commercial and residential alarm permits and collecting fees related to permitting and false alarms. • 4,077 commercial property alarm permits issued • 18,804 residential property alarm permits issued • 580 enforcement actions taken for operating an alarm without a valid permit Quartermaster The Quartermasters Office is responsible for ensuring the proper disbursing and tracking of all uniforms and equipment for police employees. • Issued 6,500 items of equipment ranging from uniforms to new radios • Procured 100 new ballistic vests for officers • Outfitted 23 recruit officers for new academy class • Managed an inventory of 800 portable police radios related to communications Automated Red-Light Enforcement The purpose of this program is to increase traffic safety thereby reducing red light running violations and crashes in identified intersections. • Reverse crash trends • 23 red-light cameras at 19 intersections • 32% reduction of red light-related crashes from the previous year 24 Fleet Services Fleet services is responsible for ensuring the operational readiness of vehicles assigned to the police department. This includes scheduled maintenance, outfitting of cars, and coordinating the purchase and replacement of all department vehicles. • Placed 46 new Dodge Chargers into service • Acquired 3 compressed natural gas (CNG) cars to in support of the City of Arlington’s initiatives to conserve fuel and reduce pollution • Installed 195 new computers and mobile radios in marked patrol cars • Installed 65 Digital Video Recorders in marked units Information Resources Information Resources is comprised of records, police reports, the Alarm Unit and Uniform Crime Reporting. The Records Unit processes thousands of requests for reports and requests related to the Public Information Act. Police Reports enters all reports into the department’s record management system. Police Report operators also take reports from citizens over the phone. Research and Development Research and Development implements new technology for the department as well as maintaining the department’s public website, the Intranet and other computer data needs. This Unit implements and maintains the department’s mobile digital video recorders, mobile data computers, as well as portable and stationary surveillance assets. • Replaced 210 outdated Mobile Data Computers with Panasonic CF-31’s • Oversaw the replacement of the CAD system from Tiburon to Intergraph • Purchased 152 new digital video recorders