APD Annual Reports - 2013 Annual Report - Page 23

Honor Guard Comprised of 32 members, the Honor Guard is one of the most visible units representing the department at memorial events, parades, and other ceremonial events. • Participated in 52 events • Attended 9 training sessions • Led the parade in Austin, Texas • Trained with U.S. Army “Old Guard” Arlington Tactical Intelligence Unit The Arlington Tactical Intelligence Unit (ATIU) serves as a real-time crime intelligence center to assist field personnel with in-progress and ongoing investigations. ATIU manages all incoming citizen and Crime Stoppers tips, creates and disseminates officer safety bulletins, and handles homeland security issues. • Crime Stoppers total tips received was 362 • 36 arrests made off of tips • 116 criminal cases cleared based on tips Jail The jail is responsible for processing all persons arrested and filing of certain criminal cases through a jail workout unit. • Processed 17,663 prisoners • Filed 4,776 cases Property and Evidence Room The Property Room maintains the integrity of evidence for criminal prosecutions and safe keeping of property for all citizens who come in contact with the department. • Processed 27,561 items of evidence • Disposed of 21,517 items Crime Analysis Unit The Crime Analysis Unit is responsible for analyzing crime data and information in order to identify emerging crime trends and patterns and support our intelligence-led and geographic policing efforts. • Prepared 315 public crime bulletins Special Operations Division Consisting of full-time and parttime SWAT operators, hostage negotiators, and snipers, this elite section of professionals are responsible for the safe resolution of high-risk incidents and warrant executions. • Executed 43 hazardous warrants • Responded to 5 barricaded persons • Assisted with 2 suicidal persons • Responded to 69 high-risk incidents • Attended 1,029 hours of training • Conducted 1,265 hours of training for department members Crime Scene Unit The Crime Scene Unit processes crime scenes that involve both property and violent crimes. The unit also assists with latent fingerprint identification, prepares forensic photo and video cases, and assists in the preservation of physical evidence. The unit conducts all marijuana testing for the city. • Responded to 385 active crime scenes • Conducted 528 latent fingerprint identifications 21