APD Annual Reports - 2013 Annual Report - Page 20

Field Operations The Field Operations Bureau consists of four police districts and includes several specialized units. Patrol officers respond to calls for service and conduct self-initiated activity throughout the city when not assigned to calls. Each officer is assigned to a specific, geographic area in order to be more proactive and employ problem-solving methods to address crime and quality of life issues. Cooperation with the community is vital to forge strong, neighborhood relationships and identify sustainable solutions to better serve citizen’s needs. Supervisors are also accountable for their geographic areas. This includes ensuring that a shared responsibility is achieved between the police department and neighborhoods in order to reduce crime. North District – The Entertainment District Tourism Unit (EDTU) serves the north Arlington entertainment district corridor and is staffed with one sergeant and four officers. The mission of EDTU is to provide public safety throughout the entire entertainment district footprint and form partnerships with businesses, hotels and venues that have a direct impact on tourism. Officers work with the Convention and Visitor Bureau and regularly communicate crime trends and safety tips in order to ensure that Arlington is a safe travel destination for our citizens and guests. 18