APD Annual Reports - 2013 Annual Report - Page 2

Spotlight on Arlington Mayor’s Message Arlington City Council Dear Citizens of Arlington, The Arlington Police Department is one of the most respected agencies in the world. As Mayor of Arlington, I am proud of our department’s many accomplishments and pleased to present their 2013 Annual Report to the community. This report highlights the achievements and successes of our department. Our community partnerships have been a driving force as we come together with the shared goal of making Arlington one of the safest cities in America. From our robust volunteer program to our rich neighborhood engagement programs, there is immense benefit when police and citizens work collaboratively together to improve our community. Our police department recognizes the fact that the police cannot effectively deal with the myriad of issues alone, and must partner with others to share a mutual responsibility for resolving problems which potentially effect the livability of our neighborhoods. My charge to you is to continue working cooperatively with our department so that we can continue to enjoy all of the benefits that Arlington has to offer. As you go through each page, you will gain an appreciation for all that is done to promote and achieve our City Council priorities. The department’s employees, both uniformed and professional staff, are dedicated to providing exemplary service to our community and visitors. On behalf of the Arlington City Council, I commend the Arlington Police Department for their continued dedication in serving and protecting Arlington. Thank you for your continued support. Robert N. Cluck, M.D. Mayor Charlie Parker District 1 Kathryn Wilemon District 4 Sheri Capehart District 2 Robert Rivera District 3 Lana Wolff District 5 Robert Shepard District 6 Jimmy Bennett District 7 Michael Glaspie District 8