APD Annual Reports - 2013 Annual Report - Page 18

Council Priorities Enhance Regional Mobility Enhancing regional mobility and ensuring efficient traffic flow is a priority for the Arlington Police Department. From inside the Traffic Management Center (TMC), officers have a birds-eye view on mobility. By partnering with Public Works, police have access to 143 video cameras that assist officers in the field with getting visitors into and out of our entertainment venues. In 2013, APD coordinated traffic operations within the TMC for 83 Texas Ranger games and more than 16 30 events held at AT&T Stadium. APD is able to request adjustments to timing of signal lights based upon real-time traffic and pedestrian flow. Officers are also able to look for crashes and stalled vehicles to minimize adverse traffic impacts. With enhanced traffic flow, vehicle emissions are being reduced due to less idling, helping to support the region’s clean air solutions. The department posts traffic information on its social media platforms to keep arriving fans educated on the most direct and efficient travel routes to their parking lots. When decisions occur that cause a re-direct of primary ingress or egress routes, the information can be disseminated quickly through social media that is also monitored and re-broadcast by local and regional news outlets. This becomes a win-win for the City of Arlington and countless guests who visit our entertainment district.