APD Annual Reports - 2013 Annual Report - Page 13

Community Engagement Efforts Lead the Way APD had many examples of innovative ways to partner with the community in 2013. The “Rec” after-school program was a new partnership between the North Davis Church of Christ, Lamar High School, Arlington Public Library and APD. Students are able to enjoy refreshments, get help with homework, and play board games or basketball after Lamar High School lets out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Foot patrol officers partner with Wimbish Elementary each quarter and reward students with fun activities and refreshments if they follow the three R’s in class – Responsible, Respectful, and Ready. This ongoing partnership continues to grow which in-turn creates sustainable bonds between police and children. Wii night has also been a huge hit with kids in East Arlington. Officers and kids have a friendly competition while playing Wii games. Originally started at the East Police Station, the program became so popular that officers moved the Wii nights to apartment complex community rooms to interact with more children. Inside APD The department launched Inside APD, a bi-weekly video program aired on YouTube and the City’s cable channel, designed to tell the department’s story to a much broader audience. Through the use of video, stories can be more dynamic and pene